PVGM is designed for spraying of concrete and fire concrete mixtures with a dry path with a mixture without water access all through the mixture from the machine through a transport hose (heat tubes) to the torcretic gun. The humidification of the mixture occurs only when the mixture is mixed in a torcretic gun. In particular, the advantage of this technology is a high outlet rate of the material from a gun pistol nozzle (up to 30m / s) that allows perfect compaction of the mixture and thus high strength of sprayed concrete. The machine consists of a pressure vessel that has a funnel to tear big - bags that has a conclusion bell controlled by air. The pressure vessel is filled with the material over the funnel directly from Big-bags. The bell is taken up and closes the pressure vessel. The pressure vessel is a dry material with high air pressure via the hose into a torcrete pistol where it is moisturized with water and applies as needed. For better feed dry material to the ejector, the pressure vessel is at the bottom equipped with a pneumatic vibrator. The operator controls the machine using horizontally placed battery with ergonomic control by valve.

Technical specification  
Pressure vessel volume  600 l
Compressed air source requirement connection 1´´, tlak max 6 bar
Grain of mixtures 5 mm
Maximum horizontal distance max 50 m
Maximum  vertical distance max 20 m
Maximum performance 3 m3/hod
Maximum moisture of mixtures 4 percentá