PT 100GE


The basic type of the new PT series of trowels with a blade diameter of 100 cm. The trowel is equipped with a new engine, which is directly mounted on the vertical gearbox. Rotating cross with blades is mounted on the output shaft of the gearbox. The elimination of the additional interconnection of the engine with the transmission by belt drive simplified the design and increased reliability. The use of the vertical gearbox allows easier steering of the handlebars without damaging the smooth surface. The new shape of height adjustable floaters increases operator comfort. In transport position the handlebars do not extend beyond the basket outline. The trowel is easy to operate with the trigger lever on the handlebar, which also serves as a safety switch. The trowel is equipped with a switch for change of rotation. Smoothing is performed by a rotor with four tilting blades. Their inclination is adjusted by the screw at the top of the handlebar. Smoothing blades are made from hardened material and can be turned to the other side after wear on one side.
Smoothing plate is a basic part of standart accessories.


The main advantages of the machine are:


• performance
• Easy to operate
• manipulation
• Low weight


Technical specification


Rotor speed

 100 rpm./min.

Rotor blade diameter

1000 mm

Engine type


Engine power

4,1 kW

Operating temperature range

 -5° -- + 40°C


1030 mm


1180 mm


1470 mm


98 kg

Gearbox type:

frontal, i=28