PX 500

Pneumatic conveyor

Where beastly power needs to be combined with preparation and conveyance

of coarse-grained wet mixes and operation friendliness, the pneumatic conveyor PNEUMIX® PX 500 is an ideal solution. An extremely large pressure vessel, comfortable feeding using  a hydraulically operated hopper, a unique forced agitation system with agitation blades made from special wear-resistant steel material, simple operation and high reliability are

the basis for the popularity among contractors of this machine. A sufficient external source of air assures delivery at sufficient conveyance


PNEUMIX® PX 500 – a versatile and cost-efficient solution for the preparation and conveyance of concrete mixes.

Technical specification   Dimesions  
Hopper capaccity 650 l Lenght 3680 mm
Effective capaccity 500 l Width 1600 mm
Output 10 m3/h Height 1300 mm
Grain 32 mm Weight 1125 kg
Delivery distance   Min.compressor performance  
horizontally 150 m Performance 6 - 10 m3/min
vertikally 80 m Pressure 6,9 - 10  bar
E-motor 18,5 kW  

Conveying hose DN 100  á 20 m 2 pcs
Conveying hose DN 100  á  10 m 1 pcs
Tripod 1 pcs
Coupling DN 110 4 pcs
Coupling SKG 25 1 pcs
Cleaning tool DN 110 2 pcs
Greasing tool     125 1 pcs
Plug 1 pcs
Key of electric distribution box 1 pcs
Plug Mennekes 6  1 pcs
Tools set
Weight 300 kg