Tundish spraying machine

Long-term expertise in the metallurgic industry is reflected in the metallurgic plastering machine MPCS 3, which is an ideal solution for the preparation and conveyance
of refractory magnesite plasters, and their application to steel-making ladle walls.
The machine is designed for processing big-bag mixes, and its sophisticated aerator system guarantees trouble-free conveyance of the mixture to a continual mixer. The continual water flow meter assures stable consistency of the plaster mix upon its entry into the pump, while the smart design enables visual inspection of the consistency
by an operator. Use of pneumatic remote control delivers maximum comfort and
independence of an operator. The MPCS 3 is a reliable machine, which is fine-tuned for a wide range of applications with different refractory plaster mixes.

Technical specification    Dimensions   
Engine power   transport height 1970 mm
mixer 5,5 kW filling height 3570 mm
pump 5,5 kW Width 1700 mm
water pump 0,75 kW Lenght 2250 mm
vibrator 0,18    
Heater output 3x800 W Weigt  1700 kg
Operating voltage 400 V, 50 Hz    
Voltage system TN-S 230/400V, 50 Hz    
Control voltage 24 V, 50 Hz    
Hopper cappacity 2,5 m3    
Total input power 30,4 A    
Technical performance of the mixer 3,6 m3/hod.    
Type of spindle pump standard  D5    
Technical performance of the pump standard 2,4m3/hod.    
Conveying distance max.40 m    
Conveying ducting pressure max. 3,0 MPa    

 Conveying hose DN 25 á 15 m  1 pcs       
 Air hose á 15 m  1 pcs
 Platering gun  1 pcs
 Remote control  1 pcs
Cleaning hose  1 pcs
Flexible cable  1 pcs
Water hose  1 pcs
Seal MDR 25  2 pcs
Air hose 1 pcs
Cleaning tool DN 25 2 pcs
One side key 24 1 pcs
Greasing tool 125 1 pcs
Stator D 5 4 pcs
Rotor D 5 4 pcs
Power cable 1 pcs
Test manometer 1 pcs