Concrete spraying machine


• Conveyance and application of dry mixes to tunnel walls
• Slope reinforcement
• Bridge pile repairs
• Water-insulation concreting works
• Application of refractory concretes to steel-making ladle walls

MPCS 4, a gunite machine for the application of dry concrete mixes
is suitable for all the above applications. The gun feeder, combined with
a mechanical variator enables work across a wide performance range which significantly extends the versatility of the MPCS 4. The dry mix is conveyed by air to the gun, where it is wetted with water just before the application. High portability, simple manoeuvrability, a wide performance range and
simple operation of the machine result from the user-focused philosophy
of the designers.



Technical specification      
Lenght Width Height Weight
1600 mm 890 mm 1300 mm 650 kg
Output 1,5-4,0 m3/hod   
Hopper capacity 60l    
Delivery distance max. 150m   
Vertikally max. 50m   
E-motor 4,0 kW    
Min. compressor performance      
Performance 6 m3/min    
Pressure 7 bar