PX 800

Pneumatic conveyor for metallurgy

The pump PNEUMIX PX 800 is manufactured according to the newest technical knowledges from the sphere of construction and safety of the operators and it is the next of the successfull line of the products of Strojstav company. It is dedicated for the manufacturing and conveying of solid and moistened concrete mixture and refractory concretes. It is suitable for the using in the metallurgical industry at the production of the raw iron for the concreting of the canals and outflows, at the production of steel for concreting of the steel-works pans, hoods, and so on. The machine can be used also in the building (construction) industry at the concreting of base of building, floors and larger concreted areas.
Its structure and the location of single components allows to perform the comfortable maintenance and repairs and also contributes to the general reliability of the machine.

Technical specification   Dimensions  
Mixer vessel volume 800 l Height 1970 mm
Refill 1 t Width 1710 mm
E-motor 22 kW Lenght 3230 mm
Operating voltage TN-S 230/400В,50 Hz (TN-S 400V,50Hz) Weight 1940 kg
Control voltage 24 V, 50 Hz    
Output 10 m3/h    
Compressed air source pressure  7 bar    
Air consuption 6 m3/min    
Load level 1610 mm    
Effective volume of vessel 0,6 m3    
Geometric volume of vessel 0,8 m3    
Delivery distance      
-horizontally 100 m    
Grain 32 m    
Pressure in hose max 1,0 МPa    

Conveying hose I DN L =4,5 m  1  pcs           
Conveying hose II DN 100 L= 4,5 m  1 pcs
 Cleaning tool DN 120  2 pcs
 Power cable L= 20 m  1 pcs
Coupling of hose 100  3 pcs
Key of electric distribution box  1 pcs
Coupling GSK 19  1 pcs
Coupling SKG 19  1 pcs
Greasing tool 125  1 pcs
Air hose DN 19 L= 20 m  1 pcs
Waterhose DN 19 L= 20 m  1 pcs
Cable  1 pcs