GDP 200

Granule & pellet dispenser 200

GDP 200
Granule & pellet dispenser 200

Transport of various types of granules and pellets (eg Topex) in the metallurgical industry (Topex are pressed magnesite pellets)

High delivery performance. Possibility of handling the equipment with a forklift or crane.
Filling the dosing tube with material directly from the built-in 2,3 m3 silo equipped with a bag ripper.
Machine operation in manual or automatic mode, in which the duration of the mixing cycle can be set.
Tandem pneumatic cylinder for opening and closing the gate knife, which is made of HB400.

Lenght Width Filling height Discharge height Weight
2820 mm 2090 mm 2650 mm 700 mm 1390 kg
Technical data    
Dosing shaft speed 28 RPM       
Working pressure max. 1 Mpa     
Technical output performance 150 - 200 kg/min     
Engine power 7,5 kW