GS 800

Rotary cleaning equipment

The chained rotary head is designed for cleaning surfaces of furnace discharge spouts from slag and melt. The rotary head is fitted with chains which rotate and thus clean the spout surface. It is fixed to the chain head drive outlet which provides the induction of the rotary motion. The rotary motion is driven by an electromotor via planetary gear. The drive body is covered by a protective guard. A handle with the electromotor power switch is attached to the drive’s carrying plate by means of a flexible coupling. The switch controls the motion of the chain head. The chain head cover guards the surrounding environment from bouncing slag particles.

Technical specification   Dimensions  
E-motor 4,0 kW Height 3400 mm
Operating voltage 400 V, 50 Hz Width 880 mm
Voltage system TN - S 3P+N+PE 50 Hz, 400 V. Lenght 1140 mm
Total input power 8,3 A Weight 550 kg
Length of the rotary head 880 mm    
Diameter of chain head 770 mm    
 Type of chain 16x45-306 STN 02 3217 6 elements    
Speed  274 ot./min.